DeSoto, Texas Positive Pressure Attack at Working House Fire

Crews in DeSoto, Texas shared this great video from a recent house fire. The multiple helmet camera angles have several great views from the attack and search crew. Watch as crews get a quick knockdown on the fire and complete a primary search of the building. Great job guys, be sure to comment below.


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  • Fire was already vented through the roof. No need to place fan at the door. Go in pull the ceiling and put the fire out. Then if you need the fan to assist in clearing the structure use it.

  • Not bashing the attack. Just didn’t see need for fan

  • How long you boys been fighting fire……not long enough to know about positive pressure ventilation during fire attack i see.Go get some training! I’ve been at it for almost 30 yrs.and we put a fan at the door as quickly as we can during attack,when used correctly it the best tool on the truck.

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