Raw Video:  Pre-Arrival and audio of house fire

Dwelling fire located at 8260 East Robinwood Street fire in Detroit, Michigan on May 19th, 2017.

Video courtesy PhillyFireFeed.com.


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  • sol glaze 3 weeks ago

    Great job. I wonder if aiming sand at the fire both hits the flames and deprives the oxygen to the fire although it could damage the structure weak areas from fire damage. How to get sand to the fire scene how much is needed is a question. At least at the seat of the fire aiming sand will damper the energy while the water quells the other parts of the fire. Possible a tipper truck with sand and built in pump and metal or tough hose. A tipping truck with emergency lighting and siren may seem quirky though.

  • EMT379 3 weeks ago

    Far be it by me to tell career firefighters how to do it’s job; but why hose would be dumped in a useless pile escapes me. Just maybe paying a little more attention to minor details like hose lays would result in these guys getting more than one hose going 10 frigging minutes into the fire. Commissioner Jones should be embarrassed.

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