How to scare a firefighter

Easy Prank with Great Results!!


Firefighter Humor


  • Not that anybody needs to care, but some of the worst porety ever (barely) published can be found in Alan Bold’s The Penguin Book of Socialist Verse (1970). I’m not making this up. Kingsley Amis wrote a review of it and I was amazed to discover an actual copy of the thing in Toronto in a used book store on Harbord Street back in the nineties. I can’t remember a single line from it- mercifully- but it would have come as a great relief to all those Vogons looking at their reviews.

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  • Ce que je ne comprendrai jamais c’est pourquoi les gens cultivés qui évoluent dans des disciplines très ‘‘chics, élégantes, côtelettes’’ (Dieter Schnebel, Glossolalie) n’ont rien appris des fabulistes qui les ont, je suppose, accompagnés dans leurs enfances.

  • Lovely photos, your friend is a natural…so is the cat!! Love the photos with the bright red florals, interesting bloom. It must be so nice to catch up…I just got a chance to visit my best friend who lives about 2 hours from me…:) Enjoy your day.

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  • HÃ¥ller helt med! Även om att den ser trÃ¥kigt Disneyaktig ut men den är faktiskt nÃ¥got bättre inuti! Bilderna är inte lika.. "Bernard och Bianca" pÃ¥ nÃ¥got sätt.

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  • The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

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