Washington Apartment Fire Arrival and Attack. Helmet Camera Footage

This was a working apartment fire with reported victim trapped in Wenatchee, Washington. The fire happened on July 6th, 2014. Crews arrived to find a small working fire in the kitchen and all occupants out of the house. The helmet camera lets you watch and listen to the first arriving companies knock down the fire. The raw footage is below. As always, be sure to comment.


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  • emillio 3 years ago

    Did anybody even try the window latches? And even if the windows were stuck, what was the purpose for breaking them out?

    I saw what you sprayed water on, no more than a can job, could we not wait long enough for the thing to cross ventilate?

    That was for the most part light, wispy smoke and certainly a small body of fire and now you’ve gone and broken the windows. How’s about we open the window, and push out the screen and leave the window breaking to the apes.

  • CAFFPM 3 years ago

    FINALLY!!! An Engineer who gets water flowing under 2 minutes. Beautiful =D

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