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Firefighter learning how to dance

Some local kids approached 2 firefighters at the local Juneteenth celebration and asked if we would learn a dance with them. So after a little practice here is the end result!

Firefighter’s helmet cam shows footage inside condo fire

A Miami-Dade firefighter's GoPro that was mounted to his helmet captured large flames spewing from a condominium unit in northeast Miami-Dade County on Father's Day. The fire was reported June 21 by a tenant who notic...

Firefighter’s version of “Blank Space”

"If you've got a structure fire baby...we''ll put out your flame."

Toronto firemen cut sign post to extricate crash victims

Crews were called for a crash with entrapment on Jane Street at the corner of Church Street in North York, Toronto, Canada. The vehicle was laying on its side and in contact with a wooden pole. Firemen had to cut ...

Firefighter’s rock out to: “Turn Out for What”

In this humorous video the fire crew get's down to the song "Turn Out for What."

Why everyone should be a firefighter

Hilarious firefighter shares his personal experience (while apparently under hypnosis) using one euphemism after another to explain the ins and outs of being a firefighter.

Firefighter caught in massive explosion jumps from 2nd story window

Two successive explosions rang in Marseilles, France in an three story apartment building shaking the entire block. Firefighters were on scene working on the fire before the explosions reported to be caused by a g...

Mischievous fire engine pranks firefighter

Always watch your step even when you are being pummeled by water.