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Raw Video: ARFF dispatched to put out shed fire

Supposedly due to a mutual aid agreement, when a shed caught fire that happened to be 1/4 mile from a local airport, an ARFF responded to put out the flames and provided us with this great video.

Tribute video from Houston FD Station 18 C-Shift: East End Boys Doing Work

Firefighters help riot police train

Little information is available about this video, but it's guaranteed PD wasn't too happy about it.

Everyone Loves Scaring Jeremy

A year in the making, the guys at this firehouse found that 'everyone loves scaring Jeremy', and it's all on tape for our enjoyment.

Firefighter falls off ladder in Memphis traffic

Arriving Fire Truck Crashes Through Cement Barrier

Brussels firefighters vs Brussels police


Have you heard of Entomophobia?

This guy is REALLY afraid of bugs...