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Category Fire News

Why you should never take a selfie in front of a fire

This is why you don't stick around when things are on fire.

Firehouse Pranks: The Wooden Spoon

Looking for a good, but harmless prank to try on someone on a slow day? See how long you can go before they realize there's a 3rd wooden spoon involved.

Great Helmet Camera Footage From Wolfe City, Texas

Helmet Cam footage of initial attack on a Barn/Shop fire. Heavy fire throughout and through the roof upon arrival. Unable to make entry into the building due to the floor being burned out in the middle with a lot of f...

Everyone Loves Scaring Jeremy

A year in the making, the guys at this firehouse found that 'everyone loves scaring Jeremy', and it's all on tape for our enjoyment.

Kansas City Aggressive Interior Attack. Watch The Helmet Camera Footage

We don't have a lot of information on this fire. It appears to be recent. We know the fire happened in Kansas City, Missouri  and shows crews from Pumper 27 early on scene. Crews made entry with fire showing from the ...

Great Helmet Camera Attack Video from Lompoc, CA

This is a great, but short, 1 minute video from a working house fire in Lompoc, California house fire. The helmet camera footage is edited down to show the attack of this single story. Crews had heavy smoke and some f...

“Foam Fail” at Live Fire Demonstration. Must See Funny Video.

This video just hit the internet and we are sure it will make it's rounds. We are reminded that sometimes "demonstrations" don't go as planned. Luckily no one was hurt, besides the pride of these firefighters. This cl...

Garage Fire Transitional Fire Attack Training Video

This is recently released training video outlining some of the Flow Path Management techniques. Watch as crews from the Southern Pines Fire Department burn a house and attached garage. The first part of the video focu...