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Category Firefighter Humor

Arriving Fire Truck Crashes Through Cement Barrier

Have you heard of Entomophobia?

This guy is REALLY afraid of bugs...

How to scare a firefighter

Easy Prank with Great Results!!

Firehouse Pranks: The Wooden Spoon

Looking for a good, but harmless prank to try on someone on a slow day? See how long you can go before they realize there's a 3rd wooden spoon involved.

Firefighter’s rock out to: “Turn Out for What”

In this humorous video the fire crew get's down to the song "Turn Out for What."

Brussels firefighters vs Brussels police


Time to wake the probie

Rookie firefighter gets rude wake up call at fire station. FOR THE RECORD...CHAIN WAS REMOVED BEFORE THE PRANK...!!!!

The Kansas City Firefighters at Station 29 Perform ‘Safe and Sound’ for GMA

So there were a lot of good entries for the Good Morning America 5-Alarm Firefighter Challenge, but we thought this one was the best. There's even some perfectly uncomfortable-to-watch breakdancing at the end. Wha...