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Category Firefighter Humor

Arriving Fire Truck Crashes Through Cement Barrier

Fighting a Car Fire in Drag. Oh, St. Patrick’s Day…

Firefighters were in "costume" headed to a St. Patricks day parade in Sedan, Minnesota when they ran across a working car fire. They quickly went to work and cell phone cameras were rolling.

Mischievous fire engine pranks firefighter

Always watch your step even when you are being pummeled by water.

A true ‘Quick Hit’ video

Firefighters overseas have more fun

Classics: First Responder Harlem Shake Compilation, the GLOBAL Edition

The 'Harlem Shake' was huge about a year ago, but there were a lot of great attempts (some intentionally, some not so much) all over the world that some great person decided to put together. We can only hope there we...

Why everyone should be a firefighter

Hilarious firefighter shares his personal experience (while apparently under hypnosis) using one euphemism after another to explain the ins and outs of being a firefighter.

Have you heard of Entomophobia?

This guy is REALLY afraid of bugs...