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Category Firefighter Humor

Firefighter calendar prank

A group of fire fighters unleash their hot bodies for a special calendar photo.

Pranking the Chief

Houston, Texas firefighters pulled a quick prank on their senior captain. The captain who was afraid of snakes was out on a walk around the station. A fake snake and a video camera made for plenty of laughs.

Dance Battle: Police vs Firefighters

The question everyone is asking...Who has the best moves, Police or Firefighters?

Firefighter Spoof on Cops

This skit shows a cop's envy for firefighters with a remix of Bruno Mars's hit Single "Just The Way You Are".

Rig Day

Everyone's favorite day around the fire house.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a Rude Awakening

A Russian firefighter is awakened while sleeping during training. His reaction is hysterical..

Ghostbusters siren on the tower ladder

Who ya gonna to call? Fire rescue with a Ghostbusters siren of course. It's a real, one-of-a-kind custom tower ladder siren.

“Foam Fail” at Live Fire Demonstration. Must See Funny Video.

This video just hit the internet and we are sure it will make it's rounds. We are reminded that sometimes "demonstrations" don't go as planned. Luckily no one was hurt, besides the pride of these firefighters. This cl...