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Category Firefighter Humor

Time to wake the probie

Rookie firefighter gets rude wake up call at fire station. FOR THE RECORD...CHAIN WAS REMOVED BEFORE THE PRANK...!!!!

Pranking the Chief

Houston, Texas firefighters pulled a quick prank on their senior captain. The captain who was afraid of snakes was out on a walk around the station. A fake snake and a video camera made for plenty of laughs.

Rookies Get a Splash Before the Flash

Firefighters decide to play a prank on some rookies before their group photo.  

Raw Video: ARFF dispatched to put out shed fire

Supposedly due to a mutual aid agreement, when a shed caught fire that happened to be 1/4 mile from a local airport, an ARFF responded to put out the flames and provided us with this great video.

Firefighter Olympics; fastest firefighter ladder competition

Firefighters demonstrate their skills used in the field with alarming speed and accuracy in this exciting competition.

How to scare a firefighter

Easy Prank with Great Results!!

Music Video: I’m Salty And I Know It

Firefighter learning how to dance

Some local kids approached 2 firefighters at the local Juneteenth celebration and asked if we would learn a dance with them. So after a little practice here is the end result!