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Category Firefighter Humor

Rig Day

Everyone's favorite day around the fire house.

Fighting a Car Fire in Drag. Oh, St. Patrick’s Day…

Firefighters were in "costume" headed to a St. Patricks day parade in Sedan, Minnesota when they ran across a working car fire. They quickly went to work and cell phone cameras were rolling.

Why you should never take a selfie in front of a fire

This is why you don't stick around when things are on fire.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a Rude Awakening

A Russian firefighter is awakened while sleeping during training. His reaction is hysterical..

Fireman pole dance

When firemen are in their fire station, you can't imagine how much fun they have!

Brussels firefighters vs Brussels police


Mischievous fire engine pranks firefighter

Always watch your step even when you are being pummeled by water.

“More” by the CHFD Bunkers

CHFD set it on fire!