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Helmet Camera Video of Working Oregon House Fire. Vent Work

This is a recent fire in Lebanon, OR. Crews can be seen via a helmet camera arriving with heavy smoke showing. The firefighter wearing the helmet camera vents the attic near the 6:45 mark. What did you see during this...

Firefighter Ventilation and Roof Operations Training Video

This video is intended to help promote discussion on Ventilation Operations - Tactics and Safety.......What are YOUR answers to the following questions?1. Does your Department open roofs or do you only use PPV?2. What...

Lehigh Acres, FL Battle 2-11 Commercial Fire. Great Forcible Entry Video

This is a recent two alarm fire in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Crews arrived at the large coffee distribution warehouse to find a working fire. You can see in the video below a lot of forcbile entry happening. You can see ...

Irvine, CA Garage Fire. Great Transitional Attack. Must See

Crews in Irvine, California crews were getting it done on September 5th, 2014. Crews arrived to find heavy fire showing from the attached garage of a house. Crews knocked down a large amount of fire prior to entering ...

Firefighter Rescue – The Double Horse Shoe Technique

There are many methods for saving a firefighter who has fallen through a hole in a floor. You can use rope, hose line or webbing. Regardless of what procedure is used, the firefighters must take into account the eleme...

Denver Drills, with soundtrack!

Firefighter Olympics; fastest firefighter ladder competition

Firefighters demonstrate their skills used in the field with alarming speed and accuracy in this exciting competition.

Louver Cut Ventilation at Texas House Fire

This is some great video showing a Louver Cut Vent hole at a Texas House Fire. It's not often we see great helmet camera truck work in the South. These guys proved it can be done. We want your comments below!Click The...