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Mississippi House Fire with Heavy Fire Showing. Initial Attack Helmet Camera

Powers, Mississippi (Near Laurel, MS) responding to a working house fire. Crews got control of the fire from the exterior before making entry. This is raw helmet camera footage of the house fire. Heavy fire conditions...

DeSoto, Texas Positive Pressure Attack at Working House Fire

Crews in DeSoto, Texas shared this great video from a recent house fire. The multiple helmet camera angles have several great views from the attack and search crew. Watch as crews get a quick knockdown on the fire and...

Jacksonville, FL Firefighters Pull Two From House Fire

This is some intense footage from Jacksonville, FL. Crews pulled two victims from the fire. You can see some great forcible entry techniques in the video. These guys are great in Jacksonville. Filmed using the FDCam h...

Sunbury, PA Helmet Camera at Vent Job. Quick Video of Cut

This is a quick video from Sunbury, PA on Truck 542 with the Americus Hose Company. The video starts as crews are finishing the cut on the roof of a working house fire. They went on to cut the charlie side as well, we...

Firefighter Ventilation and Roof Operations Training Video

This video is intended to help promote discussion on Ventilation Operations - Tactics and Safety.......What are YOUR answers to the following questions?1. Does your Department open roofs or do you only use PPV?2. What...

Louver Cut Ventilation at Texas House Fire

This is some great video showing a Louver Cut Vent hole at a Texas House Fire. It's not often we see great helmet camera truck work in the South. These guys proved it can be done. We want your comments below!Click The...

Firefighter Olympics; fastest firefighter ladder competition

Firefighters demonstrate their skills used in the field with alarming speed and accuracy in this exciting competition.

Flashover Training Video

Join the Exeter Fire Department as they go through Flashover Training at the New Hampshire Fire Academy.